This is why I don’t do Cloud Computing

This is why I don’t do “Cloud Computing” – If your internet connection goes down, so does your business – if your Cloud Service goes bust, so does your business – If your government doesn’t like you, your files disappear (Like what happened to Wiki Leaks !) – your files might be encrypted with your password but who else has that password ?

ZeroHedge – Amazon cloud crashes takes part web offline;

Still, It could be worse :-
TechDirt – How Did Danger Not Backup Its Servers? How Did Microsoft Allow Such A Failure?

Some companies dream of being at the center of your digital world, not because they like you, but because it gives them a wonderful choke-hold on you :-

  • “Sorry Mr X, our costs have have gone up so pay us loads more or lose your data”
  • “That’s a nice little start-up you have there, it would be a shame if you were to compete with any of my golfing buddies”
  • Dear Mrs Z, we have shorted your stock and need your stock price to go down … so we have pulled your plugs for a few days”

Sorry Cloud Computing Suppliers, I don’t give a toss what your marketing muppets say, I’ll keep my files on my own machines thanks !