Flashback: 1977 Belize

Setting: 1977, Belize (Central America)
Our unit was stationed in Belize for six months in three camps. One was at the north near Belize city, the middle one was half way down on the border with Guatemala and the last one was way south in the middle of nowhere.

Because the moral of the troops in the southern camp was dropping, the officers decided it would be a good idea to have someone play the daily bugle calls like Reveille, Cookhouse and the Last post.

That someone was my friend Dave, a decent enough chap but a bit of a slob at heart. To blow Reveille at 06:00 Dave would need to get up at about 05:30 to have enough time to puts his uniform on and march the the square. He did this quite successfully for a few days until after a heavy night in the NAAFI (a small shop/club/bar on camp) he woke up at 05:55 !! This gave him no time to get ready so he decided that if he just wrapped a towel around himself and blew Reveille outside his bunk, he could get away with it.

He did this and two things happened. The CO (Commanding Officer) was walking past and his towel fell down exposing everything.

He certainly boosted moral as he was marched, bits a dangling, to jail !