Watching a beta man in action

I was at my favourite pub yesterday. The band was playing inside to an audience of three while everyone else was outside in the sunshine drinking and chatting.

A young woman (waitress in my favourite restaurant) called me over. I went over to her table, greeted her and introduced myself to her friends.

Sitting at the same table was a man in his late thirties who was declaring his undying love to a pretty young women sitting next to him and she was having none of it. He had been doing this for a few days and the young women was starting to show signs of impatience. So were her friends.

When he moved away from the table to grab a drink I explained the error of his ways. When he got back he started another onslaught of  I-love-you-so-you-must-love-me  at the young women. He didn’t seem to understand that if a women doesn’t like you, you can’t change her mind and you should move on.

I wonder how long before he gets a restraining order or a visit from her new boyfriend !

Its the job of the men to approach women, its also the job of the men to know when to disengage from a disinterested woman and move on.

Some men much smarter than me have written about this :-

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And for those who don’t know what a “beta male / man” is :-

  • Alpha man understands women and gets the gorgeous ones.
  • Beta man doesn’t understand women and just gets the dregs.

Happy hunting.